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Matthew Coulson

(MSc: 2017-2019)

Data Scientist, Plentify.   LinkedIn

Ju Young Kim

(MSc: 2016-2018)

Machine Learning Engineer, Praelexis (Pty) Ltd. LinkedIn

Marissa Balmith

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2017-2018)


Christos Ferles

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2016-2018)


Chris Barnett
(MSc, Phd, Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Officer: 2006-2018)

Researcher, current status on LinkedIn



Jahanshah Ashkani 
(Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Officer: 2012-2016)

Simon Fraser University

Werner Crous

(PhD & Postdoctoral Fellow: 2009-2016)

Ocellics Software Solutions

David Kuter

(PhD: 2010-2016)

Postdoctoral Researcher at McGill University

Carina Alicia Renison

(PhD: 2012-2016)

Data Scientist, Westpac Astralia LinkedIn


Ian L Rogers

(PhD: 2012-2016)

Data Scientist Consultant

Krishna K Govender

(PhD: 2010-2014)

Senior Research Scientist, Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC)

Allistair F. Mokoena

(MSc: 2011-2014)

RA Chemist at Fine Chemicals Corporation

Yevgeny Moskovitz

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2013-2014)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

M. Riedaa Gamieldien

(MSc, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow: 2007-2014)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sabena Shaik Yusuf

(MSc: 2012-2014)

Research and Development Scientist, Mondelez South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Pegah Khalili

(MSc: 2010-2013)

Office of Correspondence, Baha’i World Centre, Israel

Dawit Worku

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2013)

Physics Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Physics Applied Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Jestin Mandumpal

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2011-2012)

Assistant Professor, Department of Science , College of Engineering and Technology, American University of the Middle East

T. Michael Nengwekhulu

(MSc: 2010-2012)

Principal Technician, North West University, LinkedIn

Ranga S. Jayakody

(MSc and PhD: 2007-2012)

Senior Lecturer at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Karl A. Wilkinson

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2008-2011)

Research Associate at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Richard P. Matthews

(MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow: 2005-2011)

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Patricia Hunt Group, at the Imperial College, London.

Umraan Hendricks

(MSc: 2009-2011)

Studying towards his PhD at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town.

Annalisa Boscaino

(MSc: 2009-2011)

Studying towards her PhD at ILL and University of Glasgow, Grenoble, France.

Kathryn Wicht

(BSc Honours Student: 2010)

Studying towards her Masters Degree in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cape Town.

Hayden Eastwood

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2008-2009)

Project Manager, Mercycorp/Zimbabwe Ministry of Agriculture

Johan Strumpfer

(MSc: 2008-2009)

Software Engineer, Google, 1600 Amphitheatre ParkwayMountain View, CA 94043

Gerhard Venter

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2006-2007)

Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Melissa Petersen

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2006-2007)

Senior Scientist, SASOL Research Division, Sasolburg, South Africa.

Jeff Yu-Jen Chen

(PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow: 2000-2006)

Lecturer:  Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria

Anton Lopis

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2001-2005)

Senior Scientist, Mintek ,Private Bag X3015, Randburg, South Africa.

Gunter Klatt

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 2001-2003)

Research Fellow, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Achim Lienke

(Postdoctoral Fellow: 1999-2002)

Senior Research Leader, Unilever Research and Development, Vlaardingen, Netherlands.

Michelle Kuttel

(MSc and PhD: 1998-2004)

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCT, Cape Town, South Africa.

Chas Simpson

(PhD: 1998-2005)

Managing Director, Digital Delivery SSA at Accenture Digital

Samantha Hughes

(MSc: 1998-1999)

Senior Research Scientist, Pfizer Global Research and Development, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom.

Robert Best

(MSc: 2003)

Senior Investigator, Intramural Research at NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda, USA Research Website

Marga Burger

(MSc: 2005)

Senior Research Scientist, Anglo Platinum Research, Rustenburg, South Africa.

Oliver Hill

(PhD: 1999)

Director, Management Consulting, UK.